CANNON MONTH 2: Scratch Harry (1968)

Referred to as an “amphetamine fantasy,” this film has the Harry of the title, played by Harry Walker Staff, hiding out in his mansion as the mob wants him dead over a drug debt. The only person he has around is not even a person, but a Greek chorus by way of John Lennon-glasses wearing hippie known in the credits as The Shadow (Mio Domani).

His wife Erica (Victoria Wilde) has left him, so he brings home a girl named Christine (Christine Kelly) just in time for his wife to return. He has a hit out on her. She has a hit out on him. The two women soon turn on him. Somehow an underground film that was sold under the name The Dirty Three which makes it seem like it’s going to get sexy and it never really does.

Alex Matter, who co-wrote this and made The Drifter with Stephen Winsten, was a production manager on Cannon’s The Swap and then went on to write the Kenny Rogers movie Six Pack, so yes, life is weird.

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