CANNON MONTH 2: Terminal Bliss (1992)

While he was starring on Beverly Hills 90210, Luke Perry was also in a few movies, some well-known like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and, well, this film.

In Terminal Bliss, he plays a rich kid named John who treats everyone like garbage, such as reacting to his friend Alex (Timothy Owen) falling for Stevie (Estee Chandler; this was her last acting role and she went into visual effects afterward) by hooking her on cocaine and getting her pregnant. Yes, Perry was trying to break out of his teen heartthrob role by playing a jerk. He tops that by assaulting Stevie’s sister, so when the threesome heads off to a rich cabin in the woods, everyone just watches him drown because this is a lighthearted romp.

You can also spot Alexis Arquette as a drug dealer, acid head and someone who should slow down when she eats lobster.

Director and writer Jordan Alan shot the proof of concept trailer for this movie at the age of 17 and directed this at the age of 25.

I’m certain that this was rented many, many times by fans of Luke Perry, who were confronted by its almost oppressive levels of depression.

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