CANNON MONTH 2: The Borrower (1991)

After Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, director John McNaughton got tons of horror movie offers until he couldn’t hold out any longer. He told The Flashback Files, “When I got the script for The Borrower I was broke. And I got sent bad script after bad script and then came The Borrower, which in some sense was also a bad script, but the conceit that this creature takes the heads off of people and somehow occupies their lives, to me it was like a metaphor for what actors do. That gave me something to take a hold of, other than just the monster that jumps up from behind a tree to scare you and eat you.”

So yes, this movie also has a serial killer, but this one is an alien murderer sentenced to our pitiful backworld planet. His transformation from alien to human didn’t take, so he must keep borrowing new heads every time the old one explodes, using his crab claws to decapitate folks and start wearing their heads.

Diana Pierce (Rae Dawn Chong) and Charles Krieger (Don Gordon) are the cops that have to track it down. The best known people in the cast are Tom Towles — who was Otis in Henry* — as well as Antonio Fargas and Neil Giuntoli, who played Henry in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Part II.

Originally made for Vestron, this had an X rating and needed cut, then Atlantic Entertainment Group was going to put it out, but then they closed and the film sat for three years before Cannon put it out in 1991.

*Tracy Arnold also is in it, as well as thirteen crew members from Henry: Ken Hale, Dan Haberkorn, Rick Paul, Cory Coken, Frank Coronado, Robert McNaughton, Jim Moore, Ric Coken, Mic Fabus, Bernd Rantscheff, Richard Fire, Steven A. Jones and Elena Maganini.

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