CANNON MONTH 2: Delta Force 3: The Killing Game (1991)

Helmed by perhaps the best action director Cannon had, Sam Firstenberg, and written by the team of Boaz Davidson, Andrew Deutsch and Greg Latter, this Delta Force installment may have no Chuck Norris, but it does have his brother Mike as Greg Lassiter, the Delta Force point man. It’s actually a movie of sons and brothers, as the commander, Major Charlie Stewart, is Nick — son of John — Cassavetes, intelligence officer Lieutenant Richard O’Keefe is Matthew — son of Arthur — Penn and explosives expert Sam is Eric — son of Kirk Douglas.

Terrorist Kahlil Kadal (Jonathan Cherch) wants America out of the Middle East or he’ll wipe Miami off the face of the Earth using suicide bomber Anwar Hussein (Dan Turgeman) who attacks TV producer Wendy Jackson (Candace Brecker) and puts her in a wheelchair, which he later uses to hide his bomb in the hopes of setting it off on national TV.

Meanwhile, Delta Force must team with Russian Spetsnaz commandos and go on a mission to El-Qutar, Sudalia on the hunt for Kadal. Charlie and Captain Sergei Ilyich Leskov (John Ryan),  the leader of the Russians, can barely get along and the mission goes bad, so bad that Russian Pietre Ivanovich (Mark Ivanir) and Sam get killed and Greg gets wounded.

Of course, Charlie and Sergei get it together and get so good at killing as a team that one of them knifes the bombers foot to the switch while the other one shoots him right between the eyes live on national TV. God bless America. God bless Delta Force.

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