What’s On Shudder: August 2022

Don’t have Shudder? Maybe June’s line-up will convince you. Plans start at under $5 a month and you can get the first week free when you visit Shudder.

Click on any of the links to see an in-depth article on the movie.

August 1: Allegoria: This Shudder exclusive is all about how a group of artists’ lives become unwittingly entangled as their obsessions and insecurities manifest monsters, demons and death.

There are also collections of Stephen King (CarrieFirestarter, Firestarter: Rekindled, Cat’s Eye, Creepshow, MiseryNeedful Things and Salem’s Lot) and George Romero (Monkey ShinesLand of the DeadThe Crazies and Season of the Witch).

August 3: Did you know how much I love Amityville movies? Oh, I wrote a whole thing about it?   Today Shudder puts up Amityville: The Evil EscapesAmityville: A New Generation and Amityville: Dollhouse.

August 4: What Josiah Saw: A damaged family reunites at their remote farmhouse and confronts long-buried secrets and sins of the past.

August 8: The Oracle and Freeway

August 9: Motherfly and Marionette

August 11: The third season of A Discover of Witches debuts.

August 12: NYX 2022 13 Minutes of Horror:  A 60-second film challenge showcasing woman-identifying horror filmmakers, inclusive of BIPOC women, LGBTQ+ women, disabled women and non-binary creators.

August 16: Alone With YouAchoura and Bloody Oranges.

August 18: Two Shudder originals start today: Glorious has J.K. Simmons as an evil entity on the other side of a hole terrorizing Ryan Kwanten in a public bathroom. The Innocents is a Norweigan horror movie with children in danger.

August 22: I love the Yokai Monsters series and Shudder will be adding 100 MonstersSpook Warfare and Along with Ghosts today, along with the astounding Snake Girl and the Silver Haired Witch.

August 23: So Vam is a Shudder original that I really liked when I saw it in festivals.

August 26: Watcher is another Shudder original about an American in Bucharest who believes that the stranger who watches her across the street is a serial killer.

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