August finds some awesome stuff on Kino Cult, the free ad-supported streaming destination for genre lovers of horror and cult films. These films join a growing list of hundreds of new and rare theatrically released cult hits, all presented in beautiful high definition. Additionally, Kino Cult offers an ad-free subscription plan for $4.99 per month.

August 4

Cosmos (director Andrzej Zulawski): A young novelist visits a French guest-house and finds himself distracted by a strange mystery.

Lokis: A Manuscript of Prof. Wittemback (director Janusz Majewski)A pastor visits a remote corner of 19th-century Lithuania where folk customs are still followed.

August 11

Seven Beauties (director Lina Wertmülle): The defense of honor, a strong value in Neapolitan society, and its effects on an everyman’s life.

3 Beauties (director Carlos Caridad-Montero): A scathing satire of Venezuela’s fixation with beauty and its relation to social status.

August 18

N. Took the Dice (director Alain Robbe-Grillet): A reworking of Eden and After made possible by the roll of a dice.

Max Reload and the Nether Blasters (directors Jeremy Tremp, Scott Conditt): A video game store clerk accidentally unleashes the forces of evil from a cursed video game.

August 25

Alison’s Birthday (director Ian Coughlan): During an Ouija board session, 16-year-old Alison is warned not to go home for her 19th birthday.

OSS 117 Is Unleashed (director Andre Hunebelle): An agent disappears after a scuba diving mission and agent code name OSS 117 is sent to investigate.

Threads (director Mick Jackson): The effects of a nuclear attack on a working-class city as the fabric of society unravels.

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