CANNON MONTH 2: Hanna’s War (1988)

Based on The Diaries of Hanna Senesh and the biographical novel A Great Wind Cometh by Yoel Palgi, this movie tells the true story of Hannah Szenes, a Hungarian woman who was one of 37 Jewish soldiers who parachuted into Yugoslavia during the World War II to rescue Hungarian Jews about to be sent to Auschwitz. She was arrested, imprisoned and tortured, but refused to reveal details of her mission even when her mother was arrested and threatened. She didn’t reveal any information about her fellow soldiers even when she was about to be killed by firing squad. She is considered a national hero in Israel, as her poetry is well-known and several streets are named for her.

Helena Bonham Carter was originally going to play Hanna and Peter Weir was going to direct before delays caused them to leave the film.

Instead, Dutch actress Maruschka Detmers was Hanna and Cannon boss Menahem Golan directed and co-wrote this movie with Stanley Mann (MeteorCircle of Iron). Playing the man who would torture her for days, Captain Thomas Rosza, is Donald Pleasence. Ellen Burstyn plays her mother and the cast also includes Ingrid Pitt and David Warner.

And yes, Yehuda Efroni is in this.

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