CULT EPICS BLU RAY RELEASE: Naked Over the Fence (1973)

Naakt over de schutting was the film that Sylvia Kristel made before becoming a worldwide star in Emmanuelle. She’s a small — but important — part of this crime movie, in which pinball arcade owner Rick Lemming (Rijk de Gooyer) becomes part of the drama surrounding singer Lilly Marischka (Kristel), who is dating his karate champ friend Ed Svaan (Dutch martial artist Jon Bluming, the first non-Japanese in being awarded the 6 dan in karate from Masutatsu Oyama and eventually reaching the rank of 10 dan; his students included Chris Dolman, Willem Ruska, Semmy Schilit and Gilbert Yvel).

All Rick wants to do is hang out with his pidgeons and manage his pinball games, but he keeps getting pulled into all sorts of crime and murder. He’s also renting a room to a young teacher named Penny (Jennifer Willems) who knows more than a little about karate.

Lilly has asked Ed to be in an art film with him that ends up being an adult movie; she runs from the set but afterward, nearly everyone involved is murdered and Kristel is injured in an accident while singing at a TV studio, which is a place filled with all manner of villains.

This movie is somehow a comedy, a murder mystery, a musical, a sexy film, a drama and a martial arts movie starring a legitimate martial artist who was such a controversial figure — the Japanese were upset that a foreigner had been given such a high rank — that his master made a challenge to all Asian martial artists to fight him and if Bluming lost, he’d be stripped of his black belt. In the only challenge he had to fight, against Kwan Mo Gun, Bluming won quickly with an open-handed strike.

Naked Over the Fence is definitely worth seeing as a curiousity as it has a very young Kristel singing in English and just being charming. I also really liked the sarcastic way that Rijk de Gooyer played his character; he was also in Herzog’s Nosferatu the Vampyre and played the Dutch version of Archie Bunker.

Cult Epics blu ray of Naked Over the Fence includes a new 4K HD restoration from the original negative, audio commentary by biographer Harry Hosman, behind the scenes features, an interview with director Frans Weisz, B-Movie Orchestra and interview with composer Ruud Bos, a promotional gallery, several trailers for other Sylvia Kristel movies and the limited edition of 1000 blu rays will include an exclusive bonus CD  with soundtrack by Ruud Bos & Slipcase. You can order Naked Over the Fence from blu ray and DVD from MVD and on blu ray from  Diabolik DVD.

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