Arnold Week: Maggie (2015)

The Necroambulist virus has changed the world and now, it’s changed the life of the Vogel family, as Maggie (Abigail Breslin) has been bitten and urges her father Wade (Arnold Schwarzenegger) not to find her. He still seeks her out and brings her home, knowing that in a few days or perhaps even a week she will have to take a painful drug cocktail or be killed by him.

This is a mournful, meditative film in which Maggie and her father try to connect before she dies, along with her wondering if she should contact her friends and slowly becoming one of the walking dead, her body filled with black blood and maggots, her senses smelling food when it’s really her stepmother Caroline (Joely Richardson).

Directed by Henry Hobson and written by John Scott 3, Arnold loved the script for this movie so much that he took no money for it. He shows his dramatic range in this film and even in the scenes where zombies are being killed, he’s upset by his violence because he once knew these creatures when they were actual people. This is also a much darker zombie film than the last time Breslin went up against the undead in Zombieland.

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