La ocasión (1978)

Pablo (Javier Escrivá) and and Anna (Teresa Gimpera, Lucky the Inscrutable, The People Who Own the Dark and quite literally Hannah Queen of the Vampires) have come back to their fancy beach home to discover that someone has broken in. That means that he decides to go all Straw Dogs on the hippies or at least calling the cops on them and getting everyone but one man — the leader of the group (Ángel Alcázar, Bearkiller from Adam and Eve vs. the Cannibals) — arrested.

He soon pays them a visit and takes what he wants from both of them. This being a movie by José Ramón Larraz, you can guess what he wants from the wife.

There’s an astounding scene where Gimpera slowly disrobes in front of an odd painting of the devil on the wall and man, you can tell when a scene in a movie wakes up Larraz.

This is from the era when hippies went from being the heroes of movies to being the villains. In The Occasion, they even live on a Spahn ranch-esque farm next door to the couple and their very presence drives Pablo to madness. Obviously, his wife is in no way all as upset by the intrusion into their lives; she’s even less disturbed by the intrusion in her bed.

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