Love Crime (2022)

Loosely inspired by the murder of Travis Alexander by his on-and-off-again lover, Jodi Arias, Love Crime takes place as Jodi is interrogated and remebers her relationship with the dead man through her own point of view. So if you love true crime, well…

This plays fast and loose with reality, as we see what happened and what Jodi thinks happened. You may be put off with the ethics of making a movie within a few years of an actual murder, but if you grew up in the 70s, you know the world of made for TV movies and exploitation films that explore what was in the headlines. We didn’t have true cime TV just yet.

Director Nicole D’Angelo stars as Jodi with producer Shane Ryan-Reid as Travis. It was written by Jamie Grefe, who has also written two modern Emmanuelle movies. I was also excited to see Lisa London (Rocky from the Andy Sidars’ movies Savage Beach and Guns) in the cast.

This Cinema Epoch distributed movie can be watched on Tubi, Vimeo and Amazon.

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