L’insegnante va in collegio (1978)

The Schoolteacher Goes to Boys’ High finds Edwige Fenech playing a different schoolteacher — Monica Sebastiani instead of Giovannona — but the idea is still the same. All Italian men are pent-up sticks of dynamite and Fenech is, as always, the glorious match.

Director Mariano Laurenti, who also wrote the story that screenwriters Franco Mercuri and Francesco Milizia worked from, made a whole bunch of these movies that have sexy often right in the name, if not the movie.

Everybody is even more repressed before Fenech arrives because this is an all-Catholic boy’s school, but isn’t Edwige the best argument for God?

Most of the first film’s cast returns, all as new characters. Also coming back? A big shower scene, slap happy fight scenes and more farts than Terrence Hill after a four day bean bender.

If all this movie did was make the poster that went with it, life worked out.

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