La poliziotta a New York (1981)

The third of the trilogy that includes La Polizia fa Carriera (Confessions of a Lady Cop) and La Poliziotta Della Squadra del Buon Costume (A Policewoman on the Porno Squad), this Michele Massimo Tarantini (The Sword of the BarbariansMassacre in Dinosaur Valley) film has one major reason to watch it: the always wonderful Edwige Fenech as Gianna Amicucci.

With a story by Fenech’s one-time husband Luciano Martino and Francesco Milizia along with a screenplay by Alberto Silvestri, this commedia sexy all’italiana beings Gianna and Alvaro (Alvaro Vitali) to America to aid FBI agent Maccarone (Renzo Montagnani) and his case against pizza shop owner and suspected crime boss Big John (Aldo Maccione). It turns out that Gianna looks just like his girlfriend and Alvaro looks like his bodyguard, which is the kind of coincidence that only happens in Italian sex comedies. However, Big John’s rival Turk (Giacomo Rizzo) has declared a gang war and also falls for Gianna.

This movie is sexy in the way that Benny Hill used to make shows and is literally chaste by today’s standards. It’s also problematic in the way it deals with race and homosexuality, but if you expect 1981 Italian sexploitation movie to be totally woke, I have no idea how to explain what Italian sexploitation is to you.

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