American Werewolves (2022)

Small Town Monsters (On the Trail of UFOs: Night VisitorsSkinwalker: The Howl of the RougarouMOMO: The Missouri Monster) are back with a new documentary, American Werewolves, in which Seth Breedlove asks, “Do real werewolves exist? And what are dogmen?”

With nearly a dozen eyewitness accounts, the film allows these people the opportunity to share their encounters directly to us, the audience. From brief run-ins on rural country lanes to horrifying, face-to-face confrontations and the discovery of the shredded remains of a werewolf victim, each has a frightening story to share.

Every year, dozens of encounters with upright canids are reported in America. Better known as dogmen, some think it’s an unidentified species of animal, while others believe that this creature is something supernatural.

Thousands of people go missing in the United States each year and this film posits the hypothesis that a real werewolf — or dogman — may be behind it, including a woman abducted in Ohio and a man hiking in Alaska mutilated beyond what any predator would do.

I was really excited to learn that dogmen tend to sow outside Native American burial grounds as I live right next to the second-largest east of the Mississippi.

That said, I’m a big fan of everything that Small Town Monsters puts out and this release is no exception. Their films are always well made, have unique points of view and tell a great story. Often, they stand head and shoulders above basic cable offerings about the same subjects.

American Werewolves is available on major streaming platforms from 1091 Pictures, including iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu and FandangoNOW. You can learn more at the official Small Town Monsters site.

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