Prey (2016)

Released in the U.S. as Uncaged, this movie was directed and written by Dick Maas, the man behind The LiftAmsterdamned and Sint. Taking place in the architecture of Amsterdam, Prey unleashes a gigantic lion that takes no prisoners.

On the trail of this 450-pound mountain lion are Detective Olaf Brinkers (Rienus Krul) and forensic veterinarian Lizzy (Sophie van Winden), all while a reporter named Maarten (Pieter Derks) and Dave the cameraman (Julian Looman) follow them, with Dave having just as much interest in winning over Lizzy as he does catching the cat. Maybe he’s more interested in the girl, to be perfectly honest.

After police chief Zalmberg (Theo Pont) has his cousin die spectacular trying to capture the lion, he hires famous hunter Jack DelaRue (Mark Frost) who just so happens to be Lizzy’s ex.

There was no way that this could be filmed with a real lion as wildlife is prohibited in the Amsterdam city area. There’s a mix of an animatronic lion in the close ups and a CGI one in the rest of the movie. It’s not perfect, but there are some thrilling scenes, as the ending with the lion trying to claw through a windshield to get to Lizzy is really intense.

Also, if you’re expecting a non-gory animal attack movie, you may have not seen any of Maas’ movies.

You can watch this on Shudder.

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