Crocodile (2000)

Brady (Mark McLachlan), Claire (Caitlin Martin), Duncan (Chris Solari), Kit (D. W. Reiser), Annabelle (Julie Mintz) and her dog Princess, Sunny (Summer Knight), Foster (Rhett Jordan) and Hubs (Greg Wayne) are on spring break in a nice big rich kid boat and as they have a bonfire, Kit tells about a hotel owner named Harlan who had a crocodile named Flat Dog at his hotel. One wonders if it was the Starlite Motel and if it was a better Tobe Hooper crocodile movie.

Harlan thought that Flat Dog was the avatar of the ancient Egyptian crocodile god Sobek, so he set up a cult that worshipped his crocodile and then the town set his hotel on fire and chased him out, but just as this story finishes, Flat Dog appears and kills two fishermen.

Hooper said of this movie, “It’s the 25th anniversary of the first Chain Saw, and I really wanted to create an atmosphere that will wind you up like that.” This quote makes me really depressed.

This was made when CGI was new and everyone was convinced it was great and now everything looks like a rack toy of an alligator being given stop motion life except that would be awesome. Sadly, there’s a sequel. Double sadness: I will watch it.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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