Chattanooga Film Festival: Voyeur(s) (2021)

Voyeur (s) is the story of a man who turns his hotel into a laboratory for his own twisted fantasies, watching others play out what once existed only in his mind.

I mean, all I had to do was read this write-up to know this was something I was going to watch: “A motel, its owner, a woman who no longer blinks, bizarre customers, going back and forth from room to room, a woman with pink, black, blonde hair. A dealer, sunken eyes, a murder, an aquarium, dolls, a cop, a model, a TV.”

Trust me, the whole thing makes even less sense, a barrage of images, one of which I can remember is a nude woman holding a gigantic pig head over herself. What’s it all about? I’m probably going to watch it a few more — maybe ten — times to figure that out.

Co-directors and writers Arthur Delaire and Edouard de Luze have made something covered in red tones that feels like something Jess Franco would have either liked or been jealous of because he never got a budget like this, no matter how small it is.

The fact that they claim it’s based on a true story is just the strange tasting frosting on this very curious cake.

You can watch the films of the Chattanooga Film Festiva for half price now until Wednesday. Get your badge right here.

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