Chattanooga Film Festival: Vierailijat (2021)

Haruka, Nana,and Takanori haven’t heard from their band member Souta for some time. Souta’s been busy. And weird. And has a mouth full of, well, cockroaches.

The girls walk in to a newspaper-windowed apartment and as Sota offers them tea, one of them steps into green muck and goes full Regan.

Directed and written by Kenichi Ugana, Visitors is filled with small moments of fright and huge moments of gore. Yes, a chainsaw gets involved. Yes, it invokes Evil Dead. Yes, it’s pretty great. It really goes for it with the gore and pairs nicely with another film I saw at Chattanooga, PussyCake, another story of a band being destroyed by possession, bile and gore.

Ugana also made Ganguro Gals Riot (a movie that explores the Ganguro — blackface — fashion subculture), Extraneous Matter Complete Edition (a movie that explores the creatures of tentacle hentai in a more human way) and Wild Virgins (in which a virgin man turns thirty and becomes a witch).

As Danzig sang back in Samhain, “A kick in the head, a gouged out eye, your intestines explode and your eyeballs pop and the taste of your blood will drive me on. You see I get what I want, and I want when you bleed. ‘Cause the things I can cause have the seal of the dead in humanity’s fading glow. All murder, all guts, all fun!”

Visitors lives the fuck up to that.

You can watch the films of the Chattanooga Film Festiva for half price now until Wednesday. Get your badge right here.

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