Chattanooga Film Festival: Hell Hole (2022)

This is not Hellhole, a movie where Ray Sharkey and Mary Woronov menace poor Judy Landers.

Nor is it “It’s better in a hell hole. You know where you stand in a hell hole. Folks lend a hand in a hell hole. Girl, get me back to my hell hole.” in the words of Spinal Tap.

Instead, it’s a blue collar guy who just happens to be guarding the gate to Hell screwing up royally and cracking the doorway to Satan’s Hollow and a big bad smoke cloud-looking hundred-some-odd foot high demon busting through and wanting to stomp on his work truck.

I don’t know where this came from but I want to live there.

The Chattanooga Film Fest ends tomorrow at 11:59 PM EDT. To get a Last Gasp Pass for just $32, visit the official site now.

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