Chattanooga Film Festival: Kharon (2022)

Man, this movie looks gorgeous, as an astronaut drifts through space in a ruined spaceship, sifting through both space and memory in order to better understand his place in the universe. It’s all imagery with words over top, a lament for a dead world, achieving near poetry in both visual and audio form.

Director and writer Casey T. Malone has made nearly twenty projects in the last ten years; this is the first that I have seen but I am now hunting down the rest. I also love that the character in the story is called The Space Man. His voice is from Mario Andre Alberts and it’s perfection to these ears.

You can see more of Malone’s work here.

The Chattanooga Film Fest ends tomorrow at 11:59 PM EDT. To get a Last Gasp Pass for just $32, visit the official site now.

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