Venom (1971)

The debut film of director Peter Sykes (Demons of the Mind, To the Devil a Daughter), Venom is quite frankly nuts.

Also known as The Legend of Spider Forest and Spider’s Venom, it tells the story of Paul (Simon Brent), a young man who visits a small German town to paint the scenery and ends up getting involved with Anna (Neda Arneric) and Ellen (Sheila Allen), the former a spider goddess with a germ lab in her home run by crossdressing Nazis and the other a woman who frequently whips Paul.

Decisions, decisions.

Donald and Derek Ford wrote this and their career is filled with sexploitation like Groupie Girl, The Wife Swappers and Commuter Husbands. Derek was also removed as the director of Don’t Open Till Christmas and made Blood Tracks.

He also wrote the book The Casting Couch with agent Alan Selwyn under the name Selwyn Ford, who is also a character in the book, so the book appears to be a true story that tells us about Joan Crawford starring in a stag film and how Marilyn Monroe was murdered as a result of her affair with Robert F. Kennedy. Supposedly, this was learned when Ford was making a movie called Bloody Mary in which an actress is abducted and forced to have an abortion during her affair with a powerful and married man. Peter Lawford was supposed to star in this movie and said, “Are you crazy? Do you want to get us all f****** killed?” before he quit, so Ford believed that Lawford was involved. This has been substantiated by filmmaker Philippe Mora and he should know because he directed The Howling II.

Anyways, the brothers also wrote the movie that dared make Peter Cushing go to London nightclubs and act like a swinger, Corruption, so I will watch anything they are involved in.

Even if it’s about spider women, spiders and none of it makes any sense.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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