Chattanooga Film Festival: Specter of Weeping Hill (2021)

Lillian (Brianne Solis) comes back to an abandoned and fog-filled cemetery that has haunted her since childhood in an attempt to come to terms with the recent loss of her sister in this quick but gorgeous short film.

The directors The Barber Brothers (Matthew and Nathan, who also made Go Back and No One Is Coming with Solis) said that they saw this film being about “dealing with grief and the lengths at which it can take someone. The story of the titular Specter is inspired by a traditional theme in paranormal hauntings in which a ghost searches for a loved one that has long passed.”

Naming Glory — which had horror master Freddie Francis as its cinematographer — as well as The ChangelingFrankenstein Meets the Wolf Man and the visual style/ editing of 70s horror films as inspirations let me know that I need to be on the lookout for anything they make. The fact that this looked amazing and was imbued with true emotion made it all that much the better.

You can learn more on the official website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

You can watch the films of the Chattanooga Film Festiva for half price now until Wednesday. Get your badge right here.

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