Chattanooga Film Festival: Love You, Mama (2022)

Director and writer Alexandra Magistro has had some high profile behind the scenes jobs, working as an assistant to Mike Flanagan on Doctor Sleep and Midnight Mass. This is his first directing and writing credit and he tackles a tale filled with darkness, as a woman tries to get past the death of her father. Trust me, this is a subject we’ve dealt with over the past year as my dad is day to day post-stroke, dealing with dementia and becoming less like my father by the day while my wife lost hers to COVID-19 right before the holidays. There are days when you feel like you want to tell them something and they will never be there again. The grief is always there, it just changes with time.

Magistro also got a great cast for this: Samantha Sloyan and Matt Biedel from Midnight Mass and Madeleine Arthur. This is not a simple story to tell, but for a first effort, it’s quite well told.

You can watch the films of the Chattanooga Film Festiva for half price now until Wednesday. Get your badge right here.

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