Muñeca Reina (1972)

Queen Doll is a film about the dangers of nostalgia. When Carlos (Enrique Rocha) comes back to his hometown, he starts to remember moments of his past that he’s long forgotten. A copy of Tom Sawyer — the movie even has scenes from the book filmed and presented almost as flashbacks — has a map inside it which shows him where the home of a girl he knew named Amilamia.

Despite his somewhat normal life, Carlos has grown obsessed about the girl and what happened to her. Any woman that he sees that’s his age could be her, yet he thinks that she might have not ever had the chance to grow up. He follows the map to the home of an old couple and invents a way to get into the house to learn more. The couple admits that she’s dead and shows him a room with a life sized doll of her in a glass coffin, surrounded by the things she cared about most.

Now, her spirit follows Carlos and he finds her becoming part of his life, a life that he begins to ignore, even becoming distant from his fiancee Laura. Obviously, he’s going down a path that won’t have a happy ending. The scariest part is that he no longer is concerned.

Director Sergio Olhovich is still making movies today, fifty years after making this, his first full-length movie. He also co-wrote the script with Carlos Fuentes and Eduardo Luján. This is one strange and wonderful movie. It’s one that I want more people to track down and watch.

You can watch this on YouTube.


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