La Metralleta Infernal (1991)

The Infernal Machine Gun has a submachine gun with supernatural powers that never misses. It stars Julian Garza, a Northeastern Mexico singer of more than 150 corridos. A corrido is a popular narrative ballad often about farming life, dealing with oppression or what it’s like to be a criminal. Garza recorded several albums of these songs, including Pistoleros Famosos (Famous Gunfighters), Se Están Robando el Marrano (They Are Stealing the Pig) and Andamos Borrachos Todos (We’re All Drunk). Garza was also part of a subgenre known as narcocorrido or drug ballads.

Roman (Edgardo Gazcon) has a pretty horrible life, as he’s stuck cleaning a bank and staring at the gorgeous Nancy (Claudia Guzman). He never approaches her because of his lowly station and scarred visage. Meanwhile, his brother Juan (Garza) and his girlfriend basically abuse him in between all their gambling.

On the way home from another losing night, Juan searches through a car accident and finds the blessed gun, which he names Cuerno De Chivo (Horn of the Goat). He starts by killing all of the other gamblers, then Roman steals the weapon, robs the bank and kidnaps Nancy, all in a potentially insane plot to fix his face and find true love.

Garza wrote this movie originally as one of his corridos and probably hoped to be the star, but he was 56 when it was made and didn’t fit the idea of a young man finding this powerful firearm. Beyond the gunfighting action, there are plenty of other corridas singers that make appearances both in the film and on the soundtrack.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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