El Castillo de los Monstruos (1958)

Everyone is in love with Beatriz (Evangelina Elizondo). Like the goofy El Clavillazo (Antonio Espino, Conquistador de la Luna) and the sinister Dr. Sputnik. The latter uses hypnosis to convince her that she’s really Galatea and his lover, while the former has to make his way into the mad scientist’s castle and do battle with the Frankenstein’s Monster-like butler, a werewolf, a gillman, a strange caveman kept behind bars and a vampire played by German Robles, who was usually a very serious vampire in movies like El Vampiro and the Nostradamus series.

The monsters in this movie are all dispatched in some interesting ways and mostly by accident. The gillman gets turned into a fish, the caveman chokes out the wolfman, the hunchback shoots the mad scientist who stabs him before he expires, the modern Prometheus electrocutes himself which doesn’t seem possible but maybe I’m basing that on Japanese Frankenstein being able to absorb electricity, the mummy gets eaten up by alligators and the vampire forgets that the sun rises.

Julián Soler also directed Pánico, Santo vs. Blue Demon in Atlantis and El Hombre y La Bestia. Producciones Sotomayor, who produced this movie, also made the similar movies  Santo and Blue Demon Against The Monsters and Ship of Monsters, two films that I love with every chamber of my heart.

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