Cazador de demonios (1983)

Horrific murders are happening every night in a small rural Mexican village — heads are ripped off their necks, arms are ripped off and bodies are destroyed — and may be the work of an ancient legend known as the Nahual. Sheriff Aguilar (Roberto Montiel) and Dr. José Luis (Rafael Sánchez Navarro) hope to keep their town safe, but as Mexican Dr. Loomis might say, “¡La muerte ha llegado a tu pueblito!

The moral of the story? Never murder a shaman. I mean, the guy was slicing a chicken in half and dripping its blood all over a farmer’s pregnant wife like he was in that Danzig video for “Mother” that MTV only played once and Bob Larson lost his mind over. And when his wife’s baby is stillborn, I guess you can see why the guy went nuts.

Extra points to Padre Martin (Tito Junco), who takes all of the church’s silver and gets it turned into ammunition. Someone has to do something, right? He also has this amazing blast of dialogue:

Dr. José Luis: Who’s that?

Padre Martín: Asmodeus. Leviathan. Beelzebub. Call him as you like.

Dr. José Luis: Satan?

Padre Martín: Lord of darkness, prince of shadows, king of hell and of the black side of the Universe.

José Luis: You talk about him as if you had a lot of respect for him.

Padre Martín: Satan has to be respected, son. He’s a very powerful being, and infinitely cruel.

There’s also that moment that happens in all Mexican Satanic movies where God has had enough of this and decides that all the antics have to come to a stop. It happens here when a throwing knife has a crucifix of light appear on it before it flies toward the demon. You’ve had your fun, Satan. Now let’s wrap this up.

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