Arizona si scatenò… e li fece fuori tutt (1970)

Arizona si scatenò… e li fece fuori tutt means Arizona Went Wild…and Took Them All Out. It was released in the U.S. as Arizona Colt Returns and it’s a sequel nearly in name only, as Anthony Steffen takes over for Giuliano Gemma, changing the character from a cocky rogue to a near Eastwood Man with No Name. Only sidekick Double Whiskey (Roberto Camardiel) is on hand to remind us of the first movie.

At the start of the story, Arizona and Double Whiskey are living in peace. Then, he learns that there’s a price on his head, so he fakes his death. While in town doing that — as if it were another daily errand — Arizona is asked by a landowner named Moreno (José Manuel Martin) to rescue his daughter Paloma (Rosalba Neri, who was killed in the first movie) from Keene (Aldo Sambrell), an old enemy who of course is the one who set him up. Arizona refuses the job, as he just wants to settle down with his girlfriend Sheena (Marcella Michelangeli). However, Keene makes his mind up for him when he captures Double Whiskey.

It’s time for the hero to live up to his theme song: “I think I’m gonna get my gun. I think I’m gonna shoot someone. Bang bang.” The bad guys even crucify him on an X and dunk him in water, but nothing is going to stop Arizona.

This was the first non-documentary movie directed by Sergio Martino. He’d direct The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh the next year and be remembered for an incredible four year run of giallo films. I’d rank him as close to Argento and Fulci as it gets for his films, which span several genre.

You can watch this on YouTube.


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