Unhuman (2022)

Just like Torn HeartsUnhuman is a movie from Blumhouse Television that I enjoyed way more than their theatrical releases. Seven misfit students — there’s one for every cliche, but stay tuned — must join forces when their field trip is tested by an Emergency Broadcast System warning of a chemical incident and, you guessed it, the living dead.

Director and co-writer Marcus Dunstan is probably best known for his work on The Collection and The Collector, as well as writing Feast, several Saw movies and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. He’s joined by Patrick Melton, who he wrote those films, as well as Piranha 3DD and the upcoming The Collected with.

Brianne Tju from the remake of I Know What You Did Last Summer is the lead in this, along with Drew Schneid from the modern Halloween movies, Uriah Shelton from Freaky, Benjamin Wadsworth from TV’s Deadly Class, Ali Gallo, Joshua Mikel from The Walking Dead, Peter Giles (who will be The Collector in the upcoming The Collected) and several other young actors to fill out the school bus full of potential victims.

Billed as a “Blumhouse After-School Special,” this movie has a twist that shifts the story midway through, something that some critics haven’t seemed to enjoy. As for me, I approached this movie as not “what can the Saw creative do” and more a fun summer TV movie that I could enjoy without thinking about the world outside my door.

Don’t go in expecting Nightmare City or Day of the Dead.  Do expect goofy, neon and smoke-filled bubble gum fun. I doubt you’ll learn a lesson, but is that why you watched after-school specials anyway?

Unhuman is now streaming from Blumhouse Television and EPIX.

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