Ninja Warriors from Beyond (1987)

Also known as Ninja Death Squad, this comes from Godfrey Ho, who created at least a hundred movies from ten movies or so the legend goes. All with ninjas. Sometimes he would shoot new footage of ninja fights and throw them into other films. Sometimes, you have no idea if what you are watching is new, old, a movie he made or something he stole and this can all happen within the same thirty seconds of footage.

Starting at Shaw Brothers as an assistant director to Chang Cheh, Ho eventually become the person behind an array of movies that have interchangeable titles and reused Richard Harrison so many times that he ruined that actor’s career.

He’s also a man of mystery — his multiple names number as many as Bruno Mattei, the director he most closely resembles — and his company with Tomas Tang may be a misnomer because he very well could be Tomas Tang. Regardless, IFD purchased tons of movies from numerous Asian-speaking countries for clearance prices and discovered that if Sho Kosugi wasn’t going to make twenty movies a year, they — or he! — certainly could.

According to Den of Geek, Lai had a falling out with Tang, who formed his own company, Filmark. Yet both companies — despite reports of a rivalry — used Godfrey Ho as a director and many of the same actors, so it was as if two companies were made to sell twice as much product.

Supposedly, Tang died in a fire. Ho would keep on making movies, particularly ones with Cynthia Rothrock.


This movie is edited at least in part from a film called Maestro Bandido. So some of this is about a gang of ninjas that specialize in killing for governments, all before they’re figured out and a special agent hunts them down. These ninjas all doing the best stuff, like turning flowers into bombs and summoning snakes, so their powers are beyond what you assume ninjas can do.

The bad guys are all in black. The good guy in white. And the leader is purple. That’s about the only things in this movie that you have to guide you. The rest, well, you’ll figure it all out.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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