Circle of Fear episode 21: The Ghost of Potter’s Field

The last episode of Circle of Fear, “The Ghost of Potter’s Field” was directed by Don McDougall (the TV movies that made up Farewell to the Planet of the ApesForgotten City of the Planet of the ApesSpider-Man: The Dragon’s Challenge and two Kolchak episodes, “The Youth Killer” and “Legacy of Terror” and written by Bill S. Ballinger (The Strangler and episodes of Mike Hammer and Alfred Hitchcock Presents) and Richard Matheson.

While researching a story at Potter’s Field cemetery, Bob Herrick (Tab Hunter) sees his own ghost, which follows him home. The only person that believes him is his girlfriend Nisa King (Louise Sorel) as the demonic doppelganger begins to cut him off from his friends and life.

While Ghost Story/Circle of Fear only had one season, it somehow had two doppelganger episodes, the other one being “Alter-Ego,” which is a much stronger story (and that episode also boasted Helen Hayes). At least the guest stars here include Pat Harrington Jr. (Schnieder from One Day at a Time), Gary Conway (who would go on to write Over the Top and American Ninja 2 and 3), Robert Mandan (Chester Tate from Soap), ventriloquist and voice of Tigger Paul Winchell, Myron Healey (The Incredible Melting Man) and Darwin Joston (The FogAssault on Precinct 13).

I’m kind of sad to see this series end.

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