Glass Trap (2005)

It’s not enough to be a skyscraper in danger movie or an ants go berserk movie.

This is radioactive ants gone mad inside a skyscraper movie.

Fred Olen Ray has somehow talked C. Thomas Howell, Andrew Prine, Stella Stevens and Martin Kove, as well as several of his regulars and some newcomers to be in a movie where they crawl through air ducts and avoid ants the size of my chihuahua.

So yes, it’s also Die Hard with some Empire of the Ants.

Is it a coincidence that Huff’s character is a tech thief with a teenage daughter, which is pretty much Ant-Man, in a movie about ants?

The ants were made this way thanks to smuggled Iraqui plutonium and I wonder if some of that same radioactive material once sent a boy thirty years back in time. Are all movies in the same universe?

I wonder how badly Ray wanted to make the rooftop lingerie photoshoot somewhat sleazier.

I just wonder, are people looking for giant ant or disaster movies? Or was this shot in the office building that Ray once had that also may or may not have had entire families living apartment style in some of the offices? If you have the location, you’re already saving money.

I wonder if Stella Stevens said anything like, “You know, when I did The Poseidon Adventure…”

You can watch this on Tubi.

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