Invisible Mom 2 (1999)

Laura Griffin (Dee Wallace) is back as the invisible (foster) mom but let’s be honest: I watched this movie because it dares to team up Mary Woronov and Mickey Dolenz as brother and sister family killing evildoers and this delighted my brain on so many levels. Also: Robert Quarry.

Barry Livingston is back as the dad, Trenton Knight is back as the son and so is about six or seven minutes of the first movie because why reshoot what you already shot?

Invisible Mom retains the powers she lost at the end of the last movie but then again she rarely uses them in the film. That’s better than the film’s cover art, in which a leotard and headband-wearing mom works up a sweat that we can’t see while a young voyeuristic child watches in astonishment from a window. I want that movie if only because I will watch any child movie that Fred Olen Ray makes. Or softcore porn that he directs. And somehow, they have the exact same aesthetics which is at once pleasing and somewhat distressing.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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