Thy Neighbor’s Wife (2001)

Also known as Poison and Midnight Vendetta, this Jim Wynorski film puts together a yin and a yang of enticing female stars with Kari Wuhrer and Barbara Crampton as Ann Stewart and Nicole Garrett.

Ann’s husband Chris will do anything to get ahead, even hot wife her for his clients. Yet when he’s fired — he soon commits suicide — and replaced by Nicole’s husband Scott (Jeff Trachta), you may say that she loses her mind. She starts by blowing up the CEO who fired her husband real good with his entire family collateral damage.

Nicole and Scott barely get along. They’re both too busy with work. Their daughter Darla (Melissa Stone) is coming of age — and doing even more on a washing machine with her boyfriend  — while their current housekeeper Karina (Peggy Trentini) is so close to making Scott renounce his marital promises.

That’s when Ann comes on in, kills Karina in the shower, gets hired as the new au pair and starts taking over as wife and mother. Also, she pours raw sugar into diabetic Nicole’s food, which is in no way how you kill a diabetic. You just make them very tired that way. I mean, I guess eventually you could murder someone that way but it feels so ineffective.

Barbara Crampton looks younger than her teen daughter.

Every shot seems to be edited in a way that makes each shot after a closer close-up until scenes cut and paste on top of each other, edits ending before dialogue does, a hamfisted attempt at assembling what one can only imagine are the only takes of each scene with all the coverage of the Little Match Girl on a cold winter’s night.

Then again, Kari Wuhrer and Barbara Crampton go to war.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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