Machination (2020)

There’s a fine line between watching a movie inspired by the pandemic and your own experiences during it. Therefore, if being reminded of the last two years would make you overthink the last two years and shudder, well…don’t say you weren’t warned.

Machination is 62 minutes of Maria (Steffi Thake) losing her sanity during the time of the coronavirus. She never left that first stage that we were all in, disinfecting herself and everything that comes into her home, avoiding everyone she can. Becca has photos of my first trip out of the house to get groceries and I look like I’m about to escape the Bronx or enter Bartertown.

Shot for around six grand and in ten days in Malta, the film stays on Maria for most of the film as she deals with calls from her boss, her landlord, her boyfriend and a family member whose abuse is at the root of her germaphobia and agoraphobia in the first place.

But is Maria insane for overreacting to COVID-19? I mean, am I, the only person who wears a mask in public these days dumb for how I feel? Is it a critique on those that did take care of others? Is it exploitation as it concentrates so intently on numerous shower scenes? Is it some strange fetish video of watching someone prep during a pandemic? Who can say?

You can watch Machination on digital from Nexus Production Group.

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