Circle of Fear episode 20: Spare Parts

Dr. Phillip Pritchard has died and his widow Ellen (Susan Oliver, Zita from the Star Trek episode “The Menagerie”) has given away his larnyx, eyes and hands to three people who he will lead from the beyond to force a confession from his wife, a woman who finally snapped from years of being trapped in a loveless marriage.

Directed by Charles S. Dubin (Death In Space) and written by Seeleg Lester (who wrote episodes of The Outer LimitsPerry Mason, Hawaii Five-O and many more shows), Paul Mason (who produced Better Off DeadTeen Witch and Killer Klowns from Outer Space) and Jimmy Sangster, this episode plays off that old horror tale of body parts having a life of their own.

Look for Christopher Connelley (Atlantis Interceptors1990: The Bronx WarriorsManhattan Baby), Meg Foster (Masters of the Universe) and Alex Rocco, which is pretty much what I call a great cast.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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