…a tutte le auto della polizia… (1975)

Whether you watch this as Calling All Police Cars or Without Trace, this is a movie that reminds us that men have always wanted to own the choices of women and their bodies. The film literally starts with the victim in a bikini posing for photos by a photographer who we’re led to believe is an older pervert. As she wanders the pool, surrounded by rich old men, she asks their drink orders and flirts with each.

As for the photographer, it ends up being her father and hey, Italian cinema, no one thinks this is weird. What follows is teenage prostitution, abortions that require the patient to be fully nude, a murder and a killer who is the giallo sauce in this poliziotteschi pasta.

It’s also about class, as if the father — Professor Andrea Icardi (Gabrielle Ferzetti) — wasn’t a rich doctor, the police would never handle the case so quickly and efficiently.

Director Mario Caino also made Nightmare CastleEye in the Labyrinth and Shanghai Joe. His films are always interesting yet he’s rarely mentioned within the usual names of the Italian exploitation directors. Antonio Sabato is good as the lead officer and Luciana Paluzzi (ThunderballTragic Ceremony99 Women) is also great as female inspector Giovanna Nunziante.

If you’ve already watched What Have You Done to Solange?What Have They Done to Your Daughters? and Red Rings of Fear, you can consider this another part of the Schoolgirls in Peril movies.

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