Esecutore oltre la legge (1974)

Someone Is Bleeding is also known in France as Les seins de glace or Icy Breasts, the name that is streaming under. It’s a French/Italian giallo directed and written by Georges Lautner, who based it on the book by Richard Matheson.

Peggy (Mireille Darc, Goddard’s Weekend) can’t get away from François Rollin (Claude Brasseur, Godard’s Bande à part), who pursues her in a way that may have been romantic in 1974 but is illegal in 2022. Eventually, he wears her down and she reveals that she’s divorced, yet the truth is much more complicated: her husband died under very strange circumstances and her lawyer Marc (Alain Delon, whose life was literally a giallo, as his bodyguard Stevan Marković was found murdered covered in a garbage pile near Paris. The ensuing investigation revealed secret sex parties involving celebrities and government officials, including future French Prime Minister Georges Pompidou) got her released due to temporary insanity.

For someone normal and not in a giallo, this would be the time to run. But even after learning about her past and her drug addiction, he keeps wanting her even more, which is pretty much me in my twenties, always being handed red flags, throwing them over my shoulder and getting in deeper.

Everybody loves Peggy, but everybody is blinded by her. Only Marc solves things, taking a page out of Of Mice and Men, which I had never thought would end up being in a giallo yet here we are.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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