La casa del tappeto giallo (1983)

You know, Becca sells a lot of things on Facebook Marketplace and this movie is why I get worried every time that someone comes here to buy something, because in The House of the Yellow Carpet, Franca (Béatrice Romand) and Antonio (Vittorio Mezzogiorno, Car CrashLa Orca) sell the yellow carpet in the title to a man known as The Professor (Erland Josephson, Fanny and Alexander), who reveals that he killed his wife on that very same tapestry many, many years ago. Even stranger, he claims to know secrets about her family, as the carpet was a gift from her stepfather.

Director Carlo Lizanni also made Crazy JoeThe Last Four Days and The Violent Four. In this film, he turns a single location into a suspense-filled setting and also has a good turn from Milena Vukotic as a psychiatrist. It was based on a stage play, Theatre at Home, which was written by Aldo Selleri. It was adapted by Filiberto Bandini (the two Indio movies) and Lucio Battistrada (AutopsyThe Dead Are Alive!).

For a very late in the game giallo, The House of the Yellow Carpet has something new to say. And it also boasts a strong score by Stelvio Cipriani, who also did the music for The Lickerish QuartetA Bay of BloodHighway RacerDeported Women of the SS Special Section and Piranha II: The Spawning.

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