Flashman (1967)

Ernesto Gastaldi has written so many movies that we love, from The Whip and the BodyThe Possessed and Day of Anger to All the Colors of the DarkCasablanca ExpressYour Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key and Death Walks On High Heels. Oh man! I feel like with his resume I’m leaving so many out, so please, look up all of his films and don’t judge him by this one. You won’t be sorry.

Mino Loy directed Fury in Marrakesh and lots of mondo like Sexy MagicoSupersexy ’64 and Mondo Sexuality before this movie, which is between Adam West Batman and Eurospy, with a funky costumed hero and lots of guitar on the soundtrack.

Will his flashing power be enough to battle a group of models led by Claudie Lange and the thugs with invisibility abilities and lvano Staccioli as the boss? Sure. I mean, you have to love a movie where Italians make Batman and decide that he should be a dandy Englishman named Lord Alex Burman.

That said, in no way is this a good movie. I want it to be, the poster tells me that it will be, but it isn’t.

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