Circle of Fear episode 17 “Doorway to Death”

Directed by Daryl Duke and written by Richard Matheson and Jimmy Sangster, this episode is all about a family moving into a new apartment in San Francisco. When young Robert (Leif Garrett) starts to explore, he finds an empty apartment with a door into the woods inside. He also meets a man inside those woods who asks to meet his sisters Jane (Garrett’s sister Dawn Lyn, Walking Tall) and Peggy (Susan Dey). Yet when the girls visit the room themselves, they only find a closet.

And then she learns that the ghost — the man in the woods killed his wife with an axe and then was executed — wants her for his next wife.

“Doorway to Death” may not be the best episode of the show, but the scene where Peggy wakes up to find wet footprints around her bed, as if someone was walking her room and watching her all night? That’s the kind of weird I keep watching this show for.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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