APRIL MOVIE THON DAY 8: Trannysnatchers! (2012)

Outside a small God-fearing American town, a cult of demon worshiping gender queer killers awaits their own savior, the one that will return to our planet and crush the Gender Binary underneathe its cloven hoof.

Pretty much everything people worry that trans people will do when they enter a bathroom, Trannysnatchers! seizes the SOV ethos of the 80s and makes a messy, gooey and ridiculous in the best way horror film.

Made over two summers in Portland, Oregon, this was directed by Caedmonster (who also played Hella and worked an assistant camera person, boom operator, sound editor, choreographer, production coordinator, writer, editor, producer, production designer, art director, script supervisor and set decortator), Nicholas Boxwell (also story, cinematographer, writer, digital effects, editor, associate producer, production manager and sound mixer) and James Gottleber (best boy, camera, story, editor, executive producer, production designer and set decorator).

According to the Kickstarter page for the movie, Caedmonster said, “Being that we are improvisational artists, this film is not constructed in the traditional sense. Working with a detailed outline, rather than a script, all the performances are improvised.

This film is a labour of love for us. It’s a very unique opportunity to create something that is thru and thru a collaboration between people who genuinely love one another. Each cast member has developed their own character, and the story was written by all of us over a series of meetings.

Transgendered people are marginalized so much in our society, which is why we are making a film that gives a voice to this group of people. Many of us on the crew are genderqueer, and we hope to offer up a piece of work that can shine a light on this issue. This film is our torch song.”

I had a blast watching it, as it really pushed as hard as you can push. Here’s hoping that this gets some kind of release someday outside of just YouTube, because I had a blast watching it.

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