Prior to becoming an actor, Nicole Maines was the anonymous plaintiff in the Maine Supreme Judicial Court case Doe v. Regional School Unit 26. She argued her school district could not deny her access to the female bathroom for being transgender, with the court deciding that barring transgender students from school bathrooms consistent with their gender identity is unlawful. It was a landmark decision, in fact, the first by a state court.

She and her twin brother Jonas have also been the subject of several articles in regards to how one identical twin can be transgender and one can be cisgender. She also played Nia Nal, a distant relative of Legion of Superheroes member Dream Girl on Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow.

In Bit, she plays Laurel, an eighteen-year-old with a troubled past who has moved past it and is off to the big city to live with her brother Mark (James Paxton, son of Bill). On her very first night out, she meets music video director Izzy (Zolee Griggs) and a pack of bloodsuckers made up of Frog (Char Diaz) and Roya (Friday Chamberlain), led by Duke (Diana Hopper).

While this movie has queer and trans characters, it never shoves them in your face. Instead, it presents them as they are, you accept them and you simply enjoy the unique and fun spin that this puts on vampires, in particular the fact that all male vampires are destined to be cruel. If Vlad, the man who turned Duke is any indication, you can see why the female vampires at the beating heart of this movie work so hard to destroy predatory men.

Director and writer Brad Michael Elmore — who also worked with Paxton, MC Gainey and Greg Hill when making Boogeyman Pop and also directed The Wolfman’s Hammer — was able to surprise me by the choices that his characters make throughout the film. The entire section of the film with Duke’s origin is so well-staged and shot by Cristina Dunlap that it takes a moment that could have just been spoken by the actress and gives it bloody and brilliant life.

And I absolutely loved the music of Wolfmen Of Mars!

So how about that sequel that got teased?

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