APRIL MOVIE THON DAY 7: Biokids (1990)

A beyond low budget Philippines parody — or perhaps rip-off — of the sentai show Bioman, but you are forgiven if you instantly think Power Rangers as that’s the western cultural touchstone for these shows.

The kids spend much of their time fooling with a haunted house before the mad scientist who lives there gives them some pills — yes, a weird neighborhood dudes gives kids pills and he’s the hero — and they become Red Lion 1, Green Dragon 2, Blue Eagle 3, Yellow Tiger 4 and Pink Panther 5.

You have to give it to Mr. Clown for saying screw Warner Media and just straight up dressing like the Joker, as well as having a plan where every time a kid plays a video game, they unleash monsters called Exxor, which all have one host that ends up taking over Mr. Clown’s scheme, which maybe says to me he’s not that good at what he does. I mean, never train your replacement.

If you found the budget of sentai shows to be too high and the shows to make too much sense, I invite you to let Biokids break your will.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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