Prototype (2022)

Soon, life-like androids with artificial intelligence — Anton LaVey would have been happy about this — have been created to do the household work that humans have no interest in doing themselves. One of those androids, One (Luke Robinson), has been part of creator Roger Marshall’s (Jamie Robertson, Medusa) family but now the inventor plans on making a new model, things go wrong.

Directed by Jack Peter Mundy (Amityville ScarecrowDinosaur Hotel) and written by Sam Gurney, Prototype introduces a new android named Two (Zoe Purdy) who has near superhuman capabilities but when it begins to malfunction, the lives of Roger’s entire family are in danger.

I really liked that One and Two have a definite alien future look despite the low budget of this film. While the promotional materials take so much from Ex-Machina, I prefer the just not yet a human appearance of the movie.

Prototype is available on VOD from Left Films.

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