CANNON MONTH: The Frog Prince (1986)

Cannon Movie Tales was a huge project for the studio, a series of 16 live action children’s movies from Cannon Group producers Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus, associate producer Patricia Ruben and executive producer Itzik Kol. Filmed in Israel, these movies feature major stars as the leads supported by an Israeli cast and they had a $50 million dollar budget.

While sixteen films were announced, only nine were made: The Frog PrinceSleeping Beauty, The Emperor’s New ClothesRumpelstiltskinSnow WhiteBeauty and the Beast, Hansel and GretelPuss In Boots and Red Riding Hood.

Aileen Quinn from Annie plays Princess Zora, Helen Hunt plays her sister Henrietta and Clive Revill plays his second king in one of these Cannon kids movies (he’s also the villainous ruler in Rumpelstiltskin*), but the real reason I was excited about this movie was to see John Paragon play Ribbit, the frog prince. Whether it’s his collaborations with Pee-Wee Herman (he’s Jambi and Pterri) or Elvira, I’m always overjoyed to see Paragon’s name in the credits.

This was directed and written by Jackson Hunsicker, who also made Oddball Hall and wrote the 1989 version of Ten Little Indians.

You can watch this on Tubi.

*Cannon recycled a lot in these films, as this is the Rumpelstiltskin set reused for another fairy tale.

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