MILL CREEK BLU RAY RELEASE: Ultraseven X – The Complete Series (2017)

The 20th entry in Tsuburaya Productions’ long-running Ultra Series, Ultraseven X is a revival of the 1967 series Ultraseven and the first Ultra show to be made exclusively for an adult audience.

In a world where all war has been eliminated, Jin deals with amnesia and a new life, as he’s given a mission by a secret group called DEUS that wants his help in the fight against aliens that have infiltrated humanity. Along with agents K and S, plus glasses that transform him into Ultraseven X, he fights for both our world and to discover his past.

The true secret? The world that Jin, K and S think they know is actually a simulation, run by an alien race that has enslaved mankind by tricking them into the illusion of utopia. It’s a far cry from the colorful monster battles you may remember from the original Ultra shows.

This was totally unexpected, as I had no idea that there was a dark Ultra series. It’s close to Dark City and The Matrix, but doesn’t forget that monsters, aliens and battles are also important. It’s definitely different and dark, but I still loved the look of the show and the slowly unfolding overall story.

You can learn more about the Mill Creek release of Ultraseven X on the official site and order the blu ray set from Deep Discount.

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