CANNON MONTH: Mercenary Fighters (1988)

Colonel Kjemba (Robert DoQui, Sgt. Reed from RoboCop) has called in Vietnam vets Virelli (Peter Fonda), T.J. Christian (Reb Brown, forever Yor) and Cliff Taylor (Ron O’Neal, forever Youngblood Priest) who join up with Wilson Jeffords (James Mitchum, forever Robert’s son) and ) to stop a rebel uprising, but you know, sometimes you never know what side of the battle you’re really on.

In Richard Kiel’s autobiography Making it Big in the Movies, he claims to have only turned down four roles in his whole career. Peter Fonda’s part in this is one of them.

I mean, this is Avatar 21 years earlier and around a few hundred million less in the budget. But does that movie have Peter Fonda being racist and Reb Brown screaming at the top of all of his lungs?

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