CANNON MONTH: Under Cover (1987)

If you wonder, am I watching Dangerously Close, I understand. In a moment of meta deja vu (meta vu?) director and writer John Stockwell can be seen being seen by police protagonist  Sheffield Hauser (David Neidorf), who is watching that movie. And Stockwell co-wrote that one with Scott Fields, who came back for this movie.

Weird, right?

This school is also like some kind of pre-21 Jump Street, as Sgt. Irwin Lee (Barry Corbin) and Tanille Laroux (Jennifer Jason Leigh) are also working undercover to stop the drugs in the classrooms.

I was pretty happy to see Kathleen Willhoite in this. While she doesn’t deploy the stellar vocabulary that she used in Murphy’s Law, she doesn’t make Hauser’s life easy at the police station. There’s also a soundtrack by Albert Lee and Todd Rundgren, so Under Cover has that going for it.

I did learn that cocaine is also called booger juice from this movie.

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