CANNON MONTH: Summetime Blues (1987)

Director Reinhard Schwabenitzky’s 1988’s Summertime Blues: Lemon Popsicle VIII is not director Yaky Yosha’s 1984 movie Summertime Blues, but wow, they’re really close. 50s soundtrack? Goofball jokes? Lots of sex? Yes, Lemon Popsicle movies have somewhat dominated my life over Cannon Month, so I often wonder if they have caused me to lose what’s left of my mind after a month of Jess Franco and now this.

But hey! It’s summer and Hughie (Zachi Noy), Benzi (Yftach Katzur) and Bobby (Jonathan Sagall) want to start their own bar, but they need money. The landlord, however, has a daughter named Polly (Elfi Eschke) who is the kind of girl the boys would never be interested in and yet her affection could cause them to get the party place of their dirtiest dreams, which inevitably include Sibylle Rauch. Are you surprised?

This movie exists in limbo. I’ve finally figured it out, as everyone is in the place between Heaven and Hell, a timeless void where 1950s cars exist alongside mentions of Kennedy and John Travolta.

I only have one of these movies left. I will not be sad when I finish it.

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